Haigh Elementary School

Sibling Spot Begins Monday *IMPORTANT INFORMATION*

Sibling Spot will begin on Monday for siblings only and siblings who have turned in a signed permission slip.

Kindergarten and 1st grade students ONLY will be picked up by a safety and taken to the gym, 2nd-5th grade students will then be dismissed to the gym to join their younger siblings. All of the siblings will wait together in the Gym, with a staff member, until their parent arrives for pick-up.

Parents of Sibling Spot students will pick up their children from Door #2 (located underneath the overhang in the center of the building off of Silvery Ln.) Please wait on the right hand side of the sidewalk as our 5th grade students will still be dismissing from this door.

Once a parent has picked up their children from the Gym you will exit out the Gym door into the hallway and then out through the 5th grade vestibule doors. Parents and students will not be permitted access back into the building once they exit the Gym.