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Student Lunch

 School Breakfast, Lunch,  & Lunch Cards


All student lunches at Haigh are now free. Students that want additional items or that bring a lunch should refer to the pricing below.

Student Lunches:  Free             Milk: $.50                  Reduced: $.40


Breakfast will not be served before 8:15am or after 8:30am. Students must use the main entrance doors (next to the main office) to enter for breakfast. . Only students that are eating breakfast are allowed to be in the cafeteria. All other students should not enter the building until 8:35am. 

Student Breakfast:   FREE                      

If you owe money on your students account: Please make checks payable to “Haigh School Kitchen”. Put your child’s name in the Memo area.

What is a lunch card? How does my child use it? How do I check the balance?
A School Lunch Card is used similar to a debit card. Money is preloaded on the card and the student can use it to make lunch purchases. You can check the balance by going to the Dearborn Schools Parent Connect website. To register and access your account, visit

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  1. Making a lunch card can be easy for the parents to pay on a monthly basis without feeling troubled to look for changes every single day. This can allow the children to eat meals at the same time and help parents keep the monthly expenses in check.


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