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Melissa Dimitriou
Miss Straily
Mrs. Fillmore
Dorene Vensko
Gabrielle Dobronski
Elizabeth Donelson
Courtney Otto
Lauren Chammout
Mrs. Kowalski
Kim Polidori
Juliann Stryzkalski strzykj@dearbornschools.
Mrs. Joachim
Mrs. Lozon
Amy Halimi
Miss Vuichard
April Cronin
Jilrae Greco
Mrs.  Izbicki
Tracy Lahooti
Marissa Wilson
Sheila Niner
Kathleen Rachwal
Autumn Sellers
Tracey Conrad
Brad Neff
Sean Peecher
Rani Buenting
Dina Nardone
Kim Ray
Fatima Joumaa
Alexa Houssaiky
Mary Elaswad
Linda Lilly



6 thoughts on “Staff”

  1. I am interested in signing my kids up for the after school program at Haigh. My kids attend Divine Child and would need care Wednesdays and Thursdays after school until 5:30.
    Would someone please email me the number of who to contact about registering my children?

    Thank you,
    Amy Rzepka

  2. Hi, my family and I are going to be moving to Dearborn and Haigh would be he closet elementary school for my son to go to. We are currently in Howell and also in the LESA program. I will have an IEP for my son by the time we fully move but how do I register my son hopefully for an afternoon kindergarten class. And since we haven’t moved yet what do I need to bring to show that I will be in district?? Please let me know. Thank you

  3. Can someone please clarify the day/time ending for the weekly after school junior coach training for Playworks? It was originally Friday’s til 4:05, now it’s switched to Thursday’s, but didn’t let out til 4:30 last time. I really need to know due to picking up my child at correct time.


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