Haigh Elementary School

Haigh Footslogger Crew to start on Monday, March 7th

Afternoon Haigh Community,

  If you are having trouble dropping off you students in the morning, the below information may be a great alternative to the morning traffic.

Footslogger Crew, Haigh’s walk to school program, will begin on Monday, March 7th.

For anyone interested in joining us for the first time, we meet every school day at the Dunworth Pool parking lot (the “bog”) at Levagood Park (on N. Denwood Street). You will find us on the north side of the pool where the walking path meets the parking lot.

***Please visit the Start Sloggin’¬†page of our website to find out how to sign up. You can join us any day you choose. The program is run by Teresa Duhl, a parent at Haigh School. More information can be found on the website, or you can email Teresa at haighsloggers@gmail.com***

Please arrive to the bog between 8:10 and 8:15am. We depart at 8:20am. (9:20am on late start days)

The Haigh Footslogger Crew