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  1. my name Tyler and I am in team Quest. wow Jack! you are an awesome chef! I’m 9 and I can’t cook at all!!!!!!!!!! I hope you get well soon. I’m prinayg for you.

    • Dizer que Saramago é mediocre, é revelador do preconceito que tanto criticamos em outras pessoas.Ressábiamentos e ressentimentos ideologicos, é o que nos mostra certos comentários….Quanto a Steiner, pena não o ter afirmado antes…. sempre teria a sua piada(literária).

    • Auf wird Kretschmann mit den folgenden Worten zitiert:“Der Bundesrat ist keine Gegenregierung in der Bundesregierung.” Wenn die Länderregierungen das Abkommen ablehnten, bleibe es beim Status quo.Irgendwie scheint Kretschmann unser demokratisch föderales System noch nicht verstanden zu haben. Wenn der Bundesrat kein Korrektiv für die Entscheidungen der Bundesregierung darstellt, dann können wir ihn abschaffen.

    • Would it be too much to ask not to pigeonhole and characterize a whole generation, such as the “boomers” as “lazy, greedy old folks” and “geezers” but then in next breath suggest that Boomers can do the child care and “kid hauling” for “millenials” in this house of the future? We are all people,you know.

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    • Great advise!I will use it next time I travel. No matter where I go I always bring stuff back.Usually to bring the stuff back I have to buy a suitcase.I have a collection of "souvenier suitcases" 🙁

    • I actually met them in their time at some party in the village where I had gone with my musician boyfriend at the time and David Peel (the pope smokes dope). I had no idea who they were and people found that funny that I didn’t get all googly eyed in wonder. They were friendly and very chatty. I enjoyed them. Later I realized how important they were.

    • I know the rewrites are making it a stronger story, but sheesh, sometimes it feels like it's never going to get to the point where I get to sit back and be satisfied enough with how it's looking to let someone else take a look. It would probably help if I stopped changing to add more ghosts… How are you faring with yours?

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