Haigh Elementary School

Haigh Chess

Create a free account at   www.chesskid.org so that you can play chess online.

Evaluate your chess knowledge at the kidchess evaluator.


Learn lessons and solve chess puzzles at www.chesskid.org

Play fast chess online through the wonderful Chesskid.org

Play flash chess online at the pretty good kidchess.com


If you can, please buy Back to Basics: Fundamentals by Branislav Francuski, Winning Chess Strategy for Kids by Jeff Coakley, The Chess Tactics Workbook by Al Woolum, or Chessmaster, the10th edition–or newer–computer chess program.

Go to www.rockfordchess.org/instruction to download one of the two free books on chess.

(Mr. Neff will be using many of the handouts from rockfordchess.org during practice.)

Do get a chess set and practice.


At home, play the pawns game, the knights and pawns game, the bishops and pawns game, the rooks and pawns game, the queen and pawns game, and the king and pawns game.  These will help you to use your pawns and your pieces better.

Download a chess timer app if you can.

Watch Blitz Chess: Magnus Carlson vs. Manager Espon Agdestein if you can.

Watch  How to Play Chess – The Basics of Chess

Finally, learn chess notation, both algebraic notation and descriptive chess notation.

Go to  the chess central website  to learn more about chess notation.  Writing down your moves is one of the fastest ways to become a skilled chess player.  This will help you a lot in the long run as you strive to get better and better at chess.