Haigh Elementary School

Have a Great Spring Break – Resources and Announcements

On behalf of the entire Haigh Community, we would like to wish everyone a great Spring Break ahead! (We just need to get rid of this snow!) Happy Easter to those who are celebrating!

School will resume on Monday, April 1st for all students. Please take a look at a fun resource that families can use over break to keep up on student reading.

READO! – Reading BINGO!

Also, report cards are coming home today with all students so please be sure to look for those as you are cleaning out backpacks.

Lastly… we’ve had a great ending week to March is Reading Month! Yesterday we raised $300 for the Dearborn Animal Shelter and the whole building loved having our 4 legged visitors in the building! We also had visits from Ms. Danielle Elzayat, Ms. Nada Alamaddine, Ms. Lamis Srour and Ms. Irene Watts, Dearborn High Student Readers, Mr. Bob Attee, Mr. Jim Thorpe and State Representative Alabas Farhat.