Haigh Elementary School

Upcoming Haigh Events

There are a ton of great events coming up over the next few weeks here at Haigh! Please see some important dates below to add to your calendars. More detailed information on each event will be shared as the date gets closer

5/11 – Band and Orchestra Concert at Bryant @ 6pm

5/16 – Clean Up Parade @ 1:30-3 (Please view the informational flyer)

5/17 – 3rd – 5th Grade Concert at Bryant @ 5pm

5/25 – Kinder – 2nd grade Spring Concert @ Haigh 9:30-11:30

5/31 – Haigh Talent Show @ 2 pm

6/2 – Haigh Color Run! @ 4:30 (Our first and we are very excited!)

We hope to see you there!