Haigh Elementary School

4/27 Building Incident

Good afternoon Haigh Community, 

At approximately 11:45 this morning Dearborn Police responded to the building on a report of a 911 call. At that time the officer along with myself and members of the administrative team checked and cleared the building. Upon further investigation, along with the great partnership that the district has with the Dearborn Police Department, we were able to determine that the call was made from a cell phone, outside of the building, either on or near the Haigh property. As previously stated, the building and grounds were all cleared of any potential dangers as safety is and will remain our top priority. 

This incident could have been an accidental pocket dial, and hopefully not an intentional choice by a student who was not following the cell phone policy. As a kind reminder, if students are bringing cellphones to school they should be in lockers during the school day. Please also know that students do have access to building phones in the Main Office if they need to contact parents. This allows for cell phones to remain at home.

I thank you for your ongoing partnership in supporting our students and their safety. I encourage you to please have a conversation reminding all of our Haigh Owls’ about 911 phone calls and respecting the seriousness of making such phone calls and to also ensure that if cell phones are in the building that we are following our Haigh Safe Cellphone policy of having phones in lockers for use only before and after school.