Haigh Elementary School

Losing a Legend!

Afternoon Haigh Community,

If you are a Haigh Owl, then there is no doubt that you know Marianne Corrigan or Miss Marianne, which is what our students call her 🙂 Marianne has been working in the front office at Haigh for 10 years now and is a huge part of the success of our building! Answering phone calls, helping with traffic, putting on band-aids, solving stomach aches, welcoming in our Kindergarten students, covering lunches, calculating the budget, scheduling students, and multi-tasking many other items is just some of the items that she has done for our building. Marianne will be a proud grandma very soon and she will be taking on this new role in her life. Although none of us want her to go, we all understand and wish her an amazing retirement with her husband, 2 children, and now grandbabies that will be on the way 🙂 Marianne is someone that can not be replaced and only compared to, she will be missed by all. Thank you Mrs. Corrigan for everything that you have done for your Haigh Family and Community over these last 10 years 🙂

Haigh Owls