Haigh Elementary School

Haigh Cafeteria Positions Available


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Haigh Community,

   It has been so much fun to have our Haigh Owls back at the building! With that, we are looking looking for 3-4 community members that may like to join our lunchroom team. This would be a paid hourly position. Below are some of the job details:

***ALL HAIGH STAFF OR VOLUNTEERS WILL WEAR A MASK AND GLOVES***All volunteers must complete the covid screener questions at home prior to coming into our building and must have a background check. Community members interested in a job with Dearborn Schools must contact the human resource department at (313) 827-3002 ( inform them that you are interested in being a noon hour sub at Haigh School)

  • Help with student lines in the hallways going into the kitchen
  • Help with opening student lunch items( milk, tupperware, lids, straws, snack bags, etc..)
  • Help with dismissal of students to head outside or to their classrooms.
  • Help with coats, zippers,  gloves, shoe laces, etc.
  • Help with outside recess and line up ( Bring coat, gloves, hat, and boots on rainy or snowy days)
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  • Volunteers or future Lunch Team Employees would come in from 11:25am-2:00pm
  • Volunteers or future Lunch Team Employees can work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Or you can work Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday to match the A and B day groups.

***This is also a great opportunity for different career options at Dearborn Public Schools. Many of our former noon hours now work as para professionals, have taken office jobs, or may work in Media Centers across the district 🙂

Overall, even if you can only volunteer or work one day a week it would be very helpful at this time. Many of our former noon hours have taken on new positions or are at home helping their students with their course work. If interested please contact our front office at 313-827-6200 or send me an email at shortz@dearbornschools.org. Thank you for your consideration and time 

Mr. Short