Haigh Elementary School

Update from Mr. Short

Afternoon Haigh Community,

I hope that everyone is having a good week and keeping warm! By now you have probably heard that the Hybrid Model has been approved to start on March 1st with our K-2 students, then on March 8th with all K-5 students. We are currently working as a Dearborn High School Feeder on our plan for our “A Day” and “B Day” students. Keeping families in mind, we are working together to try and have students with siblings attend on the same days. For example a family that has a student at Haigh, Bryant, and Dearborn high would ideally go to school on the same days . This is the same for a family that may have 2-3 siblings just at Haigh or maybe a combination of Haigh and Bryant. We also want to make sure that we have a balanced number for the 2 cohorts. For example a class of 26, we would ideally like to have 13-A and 13-B . Having 18-A and only 8-B would not be possible with the CDC Health Guidelines and would also not allow for safe measures within the classroom in terms of spacing.

For the next 2 weeks we we will stay remote in the mornings, then have learning labs in the afternoon. These labs will begin on Thursday, February 18th and your classroom teachers will be in touch with student schedules. The learning labs will allow our staff to prepare our students for the Hybrid Model( routines, procedures, instruction, lunch, snack, specials, arrival, dismissal, etc…) and also some time for in person guided practice of different content areas. It will be important for your student to come to their scheduled labs in preparation for the change from Remote to Hybrid.

Tomorrow, February 11th, I will be recording a more detailed video message for our community about the Hybrid Model( the ins and outs). Early next week we will inform our families of the “A Students” and “B Students” per classroom. I will also be covering some of these topics at next week’s PTA meeting on Tuesday. I will share out a zoom invitation link for those of you that are interested in joining. Overall, I am excited to see our students back at Haigh just 3 weeks from now! As always I appreciate your time and devotion,

Have a good evening,

Mr. Short