Haigh Elementary School

New Haigh Habit Video For December- “Problem Solve”

Morning Haigh Community,

It is hard to believe that we have made it to December already! I hope that everyone is keeping safe and staying healthy. When possible, please take a look at the video below for our Haigh Habit of the Month for December- “Problem Solve”. As a reminder each month we are celebrating 2 of our students from each class that have gone above and beyond with the habit. A list of the Haigh Habits is provided below. Please use the link to see Mrs. Mikush and “friends” for this month where they discuss “Problem solving”. Thank you and have a great day and week 🙂

Mr. Short


September-  “Begin with the End in Mind”

October- “Take Responsibility”

November- “Prioritize”

December-  “Problem Solve”  

January- “Be Respectful”

February- “Collaborate”

March- “Soaring Towards Success”

April- “Save the Earth”

May- “Collaborate”

June- “Strengthen your roots”