Haigh Elementary School

Haigh Habit #3 Prioritize( work hard, play hard)

Morning Haigh Community,

This month our staff and students will be focusing on the Haigh Habit of the Month- “Prioritize”. Each month at Haigh we focus on the goals for the Habit and then recognize 2 students from each class that have gone above and beyond with this habit. Overall, we have 9 Habits at Haigh that are listed below. This year we also have our new Social Worker- Keri Mikush”, who has been developing videos that go with each one of these life skills. Mrs. Mikush’s along with her 2 pets do a great job on sharing what these goals look like at home 🙂 We also take the time to recognize the students from the month before that were nominated by their teachers. Please take a look at the new video using the link below. This is a great resource to use at home with your students. Our Haigh Culture Team will continue to work together to provide fun at home activities and videos for your students. Take a look when you get the chance 🙂

Mr. Short

Haigh Habit #3 Prioritize ( Click here to watch Video)

September-  “Begin with the End in Mind”

October- “Take Responsibility”

November- “Prioritize”

December-  “Problem Solve”

January- “Be Respectful”

February- “Collaborate”

March- “Soaring Towards Success”

April- “Save the Earth”

May- “Collaborate”

June- “Strengthen your roots”