Haigh Elementary School

Virtual “Open House” and Updates

Afternoon Haigh Community,

I hope that everyone is having a good Tuesday, it was nice to see the sun again today! In the attachment below I have provided some background information on; instruction, PPE, learning labs, specials, and Title 1 resources. Due to being in the current “remote learning” model, we had to do our Open House different from in the past. I wanted to present in a recording method, so you will have this as a resource throughout the school year. Overall, I hope that levels in Covid decrease in the near future, so we can begin to offer more in person instruction. We will continue to work together to make sure our students are ready for their next grade level. Thank you for all that you are doing at home to help your student(s). We greatly appreciate your help and support!

Mr. Short

Click here for Video from Mr. Short