Haigh Elementary School

Teacher Notification

Afternoon Haigh Community,

We are very excited to see everyone tomorrow for our 1st day of school! If you have not received an email from your student(s) classroom teacher for this school year, then please follow the steps below. We use our enrollment program to generate all the class email lists. If you have not received an email it may mean that you have a different email on record with us, our email to you went to your SPAM, or we do not have an email on file for your family. We like to use the email notification to accommodate all of our families that are traveling during the last week before school starts. Overall, we are very excited for the start of this school year. Please see the steps below to find out your student’s placement. Have a good evening 🙂 Mr. Short

step 1: Check your SPAM folder or Trash folder for an email from your classroom teacher

step 2: email Mr. Short at shortz@dearbornschools.org and I will reply as fast as possible with your student’s placement