Haigh Elementary School

New Addition to the Haigh Website

Afternoon Haigh Community,

I hope that everyone is having an amazing Summer with your family! I am writing to let everyone know that we have added a “Haigh Content Practice” tab on our main page. This tab will provide you with very valuable practice items that you can work on at home with your student(s). These resources are related to the essential standards for each grade level and can be practiced through out the entire school year and next Summer. We will also have parent meetings through out the year to provide guidance and background on our new math curriculum “Eureka Math”. When working on these content practice items I would suggest only having your student practice 4-6 math problems a day. An easy suggestion is looking at the examples provided, then creating 4-6 similar problems for your student to practice. I would also suggest trying out the 15 and 5 strategy that comes from world researcher Douglas Reeves for reading and writing practice. These will definitely help with reading and writing comprehension and do not require more than a notebook or writing journal. Please see the “Haigh Content Practice” button on the top of our webpage. We will continue to add visible and downloadable resources through out the school year. Overall, I hope you have a great end to your Summer Break!

see you soon,

Mr. Short ps.. the “Haigh Content Practice” button is at the top of every page on our website and the first drop down choice has the most valuable resources to practice with your Haigh Owl(s)