Haigh Elementary School

Haigh Field Day Moved Indoors

Morning Haigh Community,

   Due to the wet conditions, Haigh has moved our “field Day” indoors today, June 10th, 2019. Below is the schedule for the different grade levels. Due to the size of our cafeteria and gym, we ask that only the parent volunteers that have talked with your classroom teacher to attend. We look forward to a fun week with our Haigh Owls celebrating another great year!!!

Mr. Short


Time Grade Level Start Location
9:00-9:45 First

GYM:  Donelson, Chammout

CAFE: Dobronski, Otto

9:45-10:30 Kinder

GYM: Vensko, Dimitriou

CAFE: Fillmore, Sarafa

10:35-11:20 Second

GYM:  Kowalski

CAFE: Ms. S, Polidori

11:30-12:30 Indoor Picnic Lunch
1:00-1:45 Third

GYM: Joachim

CAFE: Lozon, Halimi

1:50-2:35 Fifth

GYM: Lahooti, Shupe

CAFE: Rachwal, Wilson

2:40-3:25 Fourth

GYM: Cronin, Vuichard

CAFE: Greco, Izbicki