Haigh Elementary School

Update from Haigh

Evening Haigh Community,

     I wanted to thank everyone for your help with the early pick up today at our building. There was a small fire near the art room that was immediately put out and all students and staff were taken outside for their safety. After meeting with the fire department and police department I made the decision that we would do an early pick up for our students. Thank you to all parents and guardians for leaving work or coming from home to be with your students. Fire drills, tornado drills, lockdowns, and evacuation drills are all practiced throughout the school year. We also begin every school year looking at our plans to see how we can make them more efficient. I am very thankful today that all of our students and staff are safe and that no one was injured. We will have school tomorrow morning and I will be sure to share out if anything changes. Thank you again for all your help and support , have a good evening 🙂

Mr. Short