Haigh Elementary School

Haigh Habits- “Important Skills for Life”

Morning Haigh Community,

  We are in month 3 of implementing our new “Haigh Habits”. This is going extremely well at our building and there has been strong evidence of students: goal setting, taking responsibility, and now “Prioritizing” with what they need to accomplish and participate in each day. Haigh also hopes that you are beginning to see and hear some of these strategies at your home. At our building we are focusing on 1 habit a month. Each month a class activity, school project,  and “student shout outs” are being conducted in our classrooms. Below are the students that have gone above and beyond with our first 2 habits. Each month we will continue to celebrate and recognize more and more students that are showing these important skills in their lives. Please click on the 2 links below to view our January and February “Haigh Habit” students 🙂

Mr. Short

*** Important note: Steps for viewing the google slide. 1- click on the middle of the first slide to add music from youtube. Then click on the play button on the upper right of the screen to see the slideshow full page***


Habit #1: Begin With the End In Mind (click me)

Habit 2: Take Responsibility (click me)