Haigh Elementary School

Morning Arrival and Visiting Classrooms

Good Morning Haigh Community,

     The beginning of the school year is always an exciting time at the building. We love meeting our new families and sharing stories with our returning families. I believe it is important to meet with your new classroom teacher and see their room during the first couple of days. This allows our teachers to become familiar with your family and also provides comfort to parents being able to see the set up and culture of our classrooms 🙂  After these first 2 days we ask that parents no longer enter our classrooms upon arrival. This allows your student to build confidence with the routines and procedures of their room. Hanging up their backpacks, charting their lunch, and beginning their bellwork all provide students with set expectations as they start their school day. This confidence with the routines is essential for a great start to the school year. Starting tomorrow, August 29th, all visitors will have to report to the front office between the times of 8:40am and 3:35pm. All doors are locked at our building during this time frame for the safety of our students and staff. We thank you for your help and support with this process!

Mr. Short