Haigh Elementary School

Halloween Parade Map and Information for Friday at 9:30am


Good Morning Haigh Community,


       This Friday at 9:30am will be our school’s “Halloween Parade”. Last year was our first time hosting this event outside with “Halloween Music” and it was a great time. We will have a designated path(as seen in the map below) that all of the students at Haigh will walk. This allows our community to see all of our students and staff members that have dressed up for this fun event. We ask that parents, guardians, and friends stay to the interior of the loop, which will allow visibility for everyone present.

       I would also like to address costumes for Friday. If student’s costumes have masks, I will ask that these students wear the mask on the top of their head so we can still see their face. Face paint and make up is ok to apply, as long as we can still identify the student. Weapons such as fake guns, swords, etc.. should stay home for this school event. Then, with the recent “stories” that have been in the news during the past month, I ask that everyone uses their best judgment with their student’s costume, while at Haigh. The overall goal is to have a fun event that brings our community and school together. Thank you everyone for your support and understanding with costumes during our celebration of Halloween at Haigh.

     We look forward to an amazing event and hope to see everyone there!

Mr. Short