Haigh Elementary School

Arrival and Departure at Haigh

Afternoon Haigh Community,

¬†Thank your for working with our School Employees, the Dearborn Police, and our ¬†5th Grade Safety’s the first couple weeks of school. Our overall goal at Haigh is to keep all students and families safe as they arrive and depart from our school. During this time we have asked for there to be “No Parking” in the red section in the map below. I understand how the first couple of days of school you want to make sure your student makes it into the building or their classroom safely. Now that we are starting to get into the “groove” at Haigh we want to remind everyone of the appropriate areas to park and where not to park. We have over 250 families that are picking up and dropping off each day. In order to be as efficient as possible for 2016-2017 I’m asking that you review the map below. Thank you everyone for your help and support!

Mr. Short