Haigh Elementary School

Grade Level Supply List for 2016-2017 and Information on Classroom Placement

Haigh Community,

I hope everyone has had an amazing Summer and that you are ready for the 2016-2017 school year to begin! Please note that enrollment numbers go up and down over the Summer, which does not make it possible to have your student(s) classroom teacher final to right around “Labor Day Weekend”. Once registrations are final you will receive an email from your classroom teacher(s) for the upcoming year. You will be contacted by one of our secretaries if we do not have an email on file over the next week or two. If you do not receive an email prior to the first week of school please call us at 313-827-6200 to make sure we have the right email on file. Below you will find the grade level supply list for this school year. Please scroll down to see all grades from Kinder to 5th grade. I hope everyone has a great end to your Summer and we will see you soon!

Mr. Short