Haigh Elementary School

2016-2017 Footslogger Update

(Update from Mrs. Duhl about the 16-17 Footslogger Crew)

I am pleased to announce that, this fall, Melissa Farrell will lead the Footslogger Crew, Haigh’s walk to school program. Melissa’s daughter, Morgan, joined the Footslogger Crew this year. We may also have a few other crew leaders who help out too. More details to come. For now, I just wanted to get the word out that Footsloggers will continue to slog in 2016-17. Thank you so much Melissa!!


On a related note: I know the end of the year is a tough time to start new habits, but feel free to join us one morning to see what it’s like. The kids have a great time playing at the playground, and they get a little extra time to socialize before they head into school.


We would love to get some new sloggers in 2016-17. We meet at 8:10am at the Levagood Park entrance on N. Denwood. We depart at 8:20am.


Thank you,

Teresa Duhl