Haigh Elementary School

Safety Reminders

Just a few reminders regarding the safety of our students,  which is always the most important thing to us. Please remember that the driveway at the front of Haigh and on the Coburn Street side are for drop off only. Parents may pull in and students may exit the car but cars may not stand, park or wait for students to enter or exit the building. Cars should not make illegal u-turns in front of the building to change directions. Finally, please do not ask children to cross the street to enter or exit cars parked on the opposite side of the street. Children are only permitted to cross at the crosswalks.


Please do not send students into the building alone if they are late arriving at school. School doors remain open until 8:40 AM, the tardy bell. Once the doors are closed and safeties have left their posts, parents must walk students into the building and sign them into the office.


Remember the parking lot behind the school is reserved for staff only. Please do not wait or park in the lot, past the cones.


Thank you to our adult volunteers for helping our students arrive at school safely. Please be respectful and patient with all volunteers and remember they are here to help and need your assistance!