Haigh Elementary School

IMG_20140412_112428_101   Haigh students get fit.   IMG_20140412_112210_215

At the Martian Marathon last Saturday, 4/12/14, quite a few Haigh Elementary School students showed up to participate.  Ford Field had a lot of parents, teachers, and students running for fitness.  It was wonderful to see the students enjoying the weather and working on fitness at the same time.  It was a great day for Haigh Elementary School, although the spectacular talent show was the night before, a show that filled the Bryant Auditorium and amazed a lot of parents, and students still showed up for the martian marathon.  Ms. Parzuchowski, gym teacher extraordinaire for Haigh Elementary School, was at the marathon to cheer on her gym students.  The weather could not have been better.

IMG_20140412_112319_212     IMG_20140412_120251_450


IMG_20140412_115526_141 The kids had a great day! IMG_20140412_113245_268